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About Levfrisk

Levfrisk works with integrative medicine, which means that we have competence within western medicine as well as in alternative methods. Among those methods you can find functional medicine, nutritional therapy, phyto therapy, massage therapy and NLP coaching.

We, working here are naturopaths (according to the Swedish association SNLF), nutritional therapists, massage therapists, a phyto therapist, an NLP therapist and a nurse.

We cooperate with dentists and other therapists when required.

Our work is connecting the holistic thoughts with science and we have worked in this way since we started 1976. We work with treating the whole person and we do it from every individual’s specific need and requirement. We are all unique and have different possibilities to form the life to what we really want it to be.

Regardless if you want to influence and improve your health in general, get rid of or learn how to handle your symptoms or if you just want to make a change in your life style, we will be there for you. Sometimes only small changes are needed for improvement or to reach the goal, sometimes it takes longer time and requires bigger changes. But the reward of the change you are doing is usually worth the effort!

You are a unique individual and we see You from that perspective. We follow and change Your treatment based on the direction Your health is taking. In the end you should be healed and will handle on Your own without us. That is our common goal.

”A healthy person has a lot of goals; the one who is sick has just one”